July 17, 2008

Joy Like a Fountain

Greetings from Abbie!! :) So, this post is kind of an intro to my new blog. By the way, "Joy Like a Fountain" is the second verse of the song "Peace like a River". Joy has always been my favourite Fruit of the Spirit since I started learing about them. You might be thinking that joy is just about being happy. But hold on. That's not all. It's basically about having a positive attitude, which is based on gratitude. So joy is necessary to do certain things like "Do all things without complaining" (see Colossians 3:23) and to praise God in any circumstance. Joy is a great thing to have in you life. It can really help you stay on a positive attitude. And with 3 brothers, I've really got to stay on a positive attitude!

Keep that joy growing!!

Abbie! :)

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  1. Abbie, you rock!!!!!!!! I am so proud of you! Keep having that positive attitude!! Love you!

    -Auntie Sophie


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