August 28, 2008

Peas in a Pod

Hello to all! Today my blog post is about living at peace with eachother. I chose this picture because peas in a pod is a perfect example. Imagine that you were a pea in a pod getting ready to be picked. You live with 7 other peas in your pea pod. You are the quietest of the pod (no offensed to all you outgoing ones in the crowd, including me, just pretend). Once an arguement breaks out between a couple of peas, there's yelling and arguements in the whole pod. It makes you wanna change wonder why God put you in this pod. Has that ever happened to you? At school? At home? It can happen anywhere, really. You wonder why God put you in the middle of this arguing crowd. Well, God put you in that arguement to give a chance to shine your light! Now here's the second part of the story. Imagine you are the quiet pea again. You're in the middle of an arguement again. God, you pray, why am I stuck in this arguement? I just want some peace! Suddenly, an idea pops into your head. "Hey guys," you say." I've got a story for you." Your friends are pleased and they quiet down. You begin to read from the Bible about living in peace. Your friends then realize that they should not argue and live at peace with eachother. You are very, very pleased and take a peaceful nap. You see, the arguements give you a chance to shine! Teach others to be kind to eachother! If you feel you'll be criticised for that, try not to get into arguements too often. It'll work, for sure! Life is peaceful when you are kind to others. If you have a hard time getting started, pray about it. God will help you. Until next blog post, keep praying and living peacefully!

Peace Out!!!!!!! - Abbie :)


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