September 27, 2008


Hey everybody! Aaahhhhh.... it feels good to blog again. It's been a while. I just couldn't think of what to blog about. And then I sorta forgot. But I'm back know. And glad to be. I'm so excited because Fall is here! We have so many leaves in our yard already! And with Fall comes winter! And with Winter comes Christmas, when Jesus was born! I'm so happy. But plants start to die for winter in fall. The frost comes in the night and the plants get wiped out. It's so sad. But you know, the plants are not wiped out forever. It's like frostbite. When you have it, it hurts, but it doesn't last for long. Have you ever felt far away from God? I sure have. It's like being spiritually frostbitten. But it doesn't last for long. God isn't gone out of you forever. He'll always be there. You just have to go back. It'll heal up and God will patch up the hole in your heart. If you love God, even if you are not so sure once in awhile, He'll always love you. He'll never reject you or let you go. Because He will heal your heart. We all fall off the branch once in a while, but we always go back again because we love Him. There's always a second chance with God. When you fall off the branch you always grow (or go back) to the branch (God)!

Love, your friend Abbie

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  1. Abbie, you rock! :) I'm just SO proud of you.


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