September 18, 2008

No More Boredom

Hey there everybody!! Have you ever been extra-bored (adults, too, don't miss this)? Chores done, room cleaned up, nothing to do? Here are some meaningful ways to spend your boredom. You don't even have to be bored!
1. Read the Bible! Don't say " I already read it today." Read the Bible for as long as you want. Have you been stuck in the Bible? It seems like you've read everything. Well, reread. If that doesn't work, try reading about Jesus' Teachings. Paul's travels and letters. Abraham's story. Alot of Bible stories can teach you things. The Psalms and Proverbs are very awesome books too.
2. Rest. You may not even be tired. Or at least you might not realize it. But everyone needs rest sometimes, even during the day. Just sleep, read or pray, or you can also listen to some soft Christian music. So just cuddle up. On an evening, on a saturday afternoon, anytime at all.
3.Go outside. Get some excersise. Go for a walk. Lie in the sun. Outside is good for you. Get some fresh air. In fall collect leaves and then classify them. Fly a kite. Do anything (except bring a video game system : )!
4. Get together with a friend and chat on the phone or read the Bible and encourage eachother. You (and your friend) willl have a lovely, encouraging time. If possible, start reading a book of the Bible together and have a little just-you-and-me study time.

And that's what I call the NO MORE BOREDOM list. Until next blog post, live for God and stay away from boredom!
Abbie :)


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