September 14, 2008

Providing you needs: Part 2

Hello to each and every one! I am blogging about part 2 of Providing your Needs: Nessescary or Not! I didn't even know there would be a part 2! But there is because God provided something new for me on Thursday. My grandparents from London, Ontario came to our house on the friday of the last week of August with my aunt from North Bay. I was speaking to my mom about how I did not want to do my computer homeschooling curriculum (I start tomorrow!) in the kitchen because I would be too distracted when my aunt joined the conversation. I wasn't aloud to bring my mom's laptop to my room every day, so my aunt suggested giving me her old laptop. My parents approved and know I am blogging on the new laptop in my bedroom listening to Positive and Encouraging KLove on the computer! The laptop arrived in the mail on Thursday, I had to carry it home, but it was worth it. There's nothing wrong with the laptop! It's perfect and I am so thankful!!! God is so good! Now in part 1, I feel like I made a bit of a mistake. God can bless you and provide for you anytime He wants, anyway He wants, even if you don't deserve it. Anything is possible for Him. He loves you so much, He just wants to shower you with His love and provision even after all that sin! So keep honoring Him and living in joy, in peace, and with Jesus!

Abbie :)


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