November 24, 2008

Let it SNOW! Let it SNOW!

Hey every blog-reader! Are you excited for winter? I sure am! I've been ready for months. I am very, very sorry about my "blogger's block" and hopefully that won't happen again. I am here to talk about enjoying God's wonderful creation of winter. Have you ever said, "I hate winter." Have you ever gone outside during winter to put the garbage at your driveway or let your dog out, and your nose instantly turned into an icicle. Those are our, "I hate winter" days. I think the reason that people most "hate winter" is because winter is not so carefree. In summer you don't really have to worry about anything except sunburn. In winter, you have to worry about icy roads and that cold that's going around, frostbite and all those wet footprints from snowsuits. For some people though, winter is a BIG problem. Even if there is no snow in some places, it may be cold, and some people don't have covers or even insulated houses. That is sad. For those of you who let your worries pile up onto your shoulders in winter, I say, drop them. Go outside with your friends and have a good old fashoined snow ball fight. Afterward, sit inside with a cup of hot chocolate and talk about your favorite part. Build a snowman with a real carrot for a nose! Get creative and make snow animals or snow figures or even a snow YOU! Make snow angels and eat a snow flake. My personal favorite is to play pretend in the snow. Don't hold back. Drop your worries and enjoy God's creation of winter. God created every season for a purpose. His Creation is wonderful. Winter is a Wonderland! Go out and enjoy!


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