November 26, 2008

Life is a Song

La-La-La-La-La!! Hey everyone!! Do you like to sing? I really do!! I will sing a Away in Manger at my church Christmas concert. I sing all the time. Better yet, I'm almost always singing songs about Jesus. There are so many great songs about Jesus out there. Some of' my favorites include Shout to the Lord, All in All, and Always With You. Best of all, you don't have to like just the slow songs or the fast songs, because both styles are worshipping God. You watch one of those worship videos where there are thousands of people lifting their hands and singing, you think, WOW. Life is a worship song of its own. The good times when you feel like singing so loud but you just don't know the words. The bad times where you still praise God because you know that He'll get you feeling happy. One of the most famous Bible characters, David the shepherd, sang songs of praise in his sheep field, and during his reign on the throne. He wrote almost the entire book of Psalms! You should make your life a never-ending song of praise to God. Hey, I have an idea. I challenge YOU, yes all you blog readers reading this, to write a song of praise. It doesn't have to be long or short, it doesn't have to rhyme, it doesn't even have to have a tune. Read 1 Psalm everyday. They were actually meant to sing. Those will help you come up with words. It can only be 1 sentence if you want. If you want to tell me about it, just post a comment. Get writing, blog readers!! Abbie =D x0x
P.S. To see yesterday's post you'll have to scroll down a tiny bit because it was a draft for October.. :)


  1. Yesterday's post was called, I'll do it Tomorrow, and for Friday, Oct. 10

  2. Wow! My sweet dear Abbie. I often hear you singing away in your room and I smile. You have such a sweet voice. Thank you for reminding me to praise the Lord. :) Love you so much.


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