December 1, 2008

Abbie's Christmas Countdown

Happy December 1st!!!!!!!!

You may be wondering why I am so estatic about today! First of all, today is one of the 24 days until Christmas. Second of all, every day should be celebrated. I went to (See My favorite Links) and I was so glad to hear that this year, the website was doing Larry's Christmas Countdown again this year! (Look on the right sidebar.) So I have decided today I am going to start "Abbie's Christmas Countdown"! Every day until Christmas, I will state one reason why I LOVE Christmas and 1 recommended Christmas Activity! If you would like you can start your own Countdown. So, here goes: ABBIE'S CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN!!!! There are 24 days until Christmas! One of My favorite things about Christmas is the season. Everything looks so beautiful, especially the sparkling snow. My recommended activity: Kickstart Christmas with some cheerful music, cookie baking, or even some simple hot chocolate(maybe even by the fireplace!). There you go! A countdown I am sure you are going to follow!
Don't forgot the song of praise challenge! ;) Abbie !! =D

P.S. The great thing about artificial Christmas Trees is that every year it's like a puzzle that you've never seen before! -- Larry The Cucumber in Larry's Christmas Countdown!


  1. Yay Abbie!! I love your Christmas countdown!! I am listening to my Christmas music, and tonight I put up the lights and hung the stockings! So exciting!! :)

  2. YAY!! =D

    Love ya!


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