December 6, 2008


Happy December 6th!

ABBIE'S CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN!!!!! Only 19 days left until Christmas (can you believe it?!) One of my favorite things about Christmas is the importance. Stores have major sales, everything is decorated, and places host special family events. But on Christmas day its importance comes to life. My recommended activity: Think of Christmas' importance and do something to celebrate- preferably not by buying something on sale(ha-ha).

Today there was a snow flurry. At Christmas, people's lives can be a flurry - gotta find a parking place, gotta make it into the store, gotta clean the house and make the turkey- ahh! But Christmas is mostly peace. Flurries aren't Christmas' nature. In Silent Night note the line "Sleep in heavenly peace" is repeated. I did another post about peace earlier - but hopefully this will inspire you to be a peace-maker this season. Peaceful greetings!

Abbie =D x0x

P.S. Seasonal Felicitations!


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