December 8, 2008

Meaningful Christmas

Happy December 8th! I apologize that I did not countdown yesterday. Today there will be 2 activities and Christmas thoughts!

ABBIE'S CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN!!! 17 days left until Christmas. Two of the things I like best about Christmas are Christmas trees and television Christmas specials! My recommended activities: Put up a Christmas tree and watch a Christmas special! (done both already!)

When your relatives get to your house for Christmas, you want it to be meaningful right? You want it to be something they will never forget. The extravagant gifts, the elaborate decorations, the scrumptious meal. Those are all unnecessary! "WHAT???", you say and think. But I know the secret. FAMILY TIME!! Yes, FANILY TIME is more meaningful than the presents, than the dinner, than anything! Instead of spending 3 hours shopping before Chrstmas day, stay with relatives! Be with them. Friends and Family are MUCH more inmportant!

I have to go... Peace to the blog-readers! Abbie =D

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  1. Friends and family are more important then presents. I really enjoy it when my family comes for the holidays.


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