December 9, 2008

Say Merry Christmas 1 Million Ways!

Happy December 9th!

ABBIE'S CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN!!! One of my favorite things about Christmas are all theses countdowns and advent calendars! My recommended activity: I would say follow a countdown but you are already doing it!! :) So make some oranaments for your tree, fireplace (on top, not inside), or for just around the house.

Merry Christmas! Joyeux Noel! Feliz Navidad! Let me guess: You don't know 1 million languages. I don't even think there are that many. I mean ways. Presents? No. Food? No. I mean Family time. Show your love and your patience, your peace and hospitality, your care and joy this Christmas. As The Grinch who Almost Stole Christmas said, "Maybe Christmas.. doesn't come from a store....... Christmas, perhaps.... means a little bit more." He is sooooo right! Christmas doesn't come from a store at all!v Hopefully you will keep this in mind! Say Merry Christmas 1 Million ways!

I have to go..... Rocking around the Christmas tree, have a happy holiday!!

Abbie =D x0x

P.S. Buon Natale!

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  1. At my curch I do advent to. I'm a christian girl and love Purenrg. I'm ten years old to. I'm looking at your blog. It's pretty cool. Please come check out my blog.


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