December 4, 2008

Singing (Again)

Happy December 4th!

ABBIE'S CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN!!! Only 21 days left until Christmas! One of my favorite things about Christmas is the treats! Mmmmmmmmm........... Gingerbread and those little peanut butter balls covered in chocolate! My recommended activity: Learn a Christmas Hymn by heart.

Hi everyone. Today I want you to comment and tell me, what is your favorite Christmas hymn? My current favorite is probably Away in a Manger. So, wha's the big deal about singing, anyway? Just kidding! =D Singing is actually a great way to let others know the true meaning of Christmas. So Learn a Christmas Hymn! Try to take up a new on even if you think you know them all.(Note: Not all Chrsitmas Hymns require very high voices. There are variations!)

Christmas is for cheer.... post a comment here!

Abbie =P

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  1. Hi Abbie! I love your countdown! My favourite Christmas hymn in Oh Come, All Ye Faithful! :)


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