December 18, 2008

A super-duper edition of the COUNTDOWN

Hey every-blogger! I'm super-duper sorry for the MAJOR delay. Busy Christmas shopping and wrapping and just hanging out with family. Good news is, tomorrow is my last day of schoolwork before the holidays! So, to say sorry, here is the SUPER-DUPER EDITION OF THE COUNTDOWN!!!!!!!!!

ABBIE'S CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <=D <=D A bunch of my favorite things about Christmas are the Christmas shopping, okay, the presents are fun, the decorations, the Christmas wrapping, reading How the Grinch Stole Christmas (and then became good), and just spending time with family. So DO IT ALL!!!!!!!! :) Finding the Perfect Christmas Gift.
What do I want for Christmas? Alot of things. But if you cut it down to the main most important thing, it would be a twin sister that always stuck by my side. :) What other people what, I think I might be able to predict what most people want. Family Time and LOVE. That's the one thing needed to have a great Christmas!! So, if you can't decide on the coffee machine or gift card, make up some homemade coupons that say, "This coupon is good for a family dinner at Boston Pizza", or, "This coupon is good for a family campfire in summer."

Merry Christmas, every-blogger!!

Abbie =D x0x


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