January 6, 2009

He Gave Me a Heart Filled With Love

Dear Every-blogger,

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year! I sure did. I got a digital camera, and a sewing kit. I considered doing another Providing your Needs: Necessary or Not, but I had a different idea for today's post. ;)

My grandfather took me to a Build-A-Bear Store in London, ON. It was wonderful! The process of making the bear was as follows:

1. Pick a stuffed animal skin. 2. Bring it to the stuffer. 3. Pick out a fabric heart and hold it in your hands to keep it warm. 4. Stuff up your bear! 5. Clap the heart in your hands once. 6. Shake the heart up high, and shake it down low. 7. Spin around 3 times. 8. Rub it on your forehead so your bear will be smart, on your nose so it won't snore, and on your cheeks so it will give good smiles. 9. Put it on your heart and make a wish. 10. Kiss it and put it inside. 11. Go over and fluff it up with the air-shower. 12. Dress it up and make it's birth certificate. 13. Take it home with you!
I am now the new owner of a wonderful teddy bear named Ruthie.

At fisrt my thoughts were sorta negative to the process. That's sorta strange, I thought. But then I thought of something I haven't before. We made the bears. The slogan of Build-A-Bear is, Where best friends are made. God made us. God made us so we could be his best friends. He picked out a heart for us. He made them warm. He stuffed us up with good qualities. He inserted inside us a heart, that was intelligent and wise, knowing that He was God, and that was joyful. He kissed us. He LOVES us. He fluffed us up with forgiveness. Then he clothed us with faith. It reminded me that God made us with love, and with knowledge that He is God. He made us wonderful! "I will praise because I ma fearfully and wonderfully made, your works are wonderful, I know that full well." Psalm 139:14 So, remember that God wants YOU to be his best friend!

Love, your blogging-friend Abbie =D x0x

P.S. Sorry about the countdown! I hope you still enjoyed it. :)



  2. I absolutely love ur blog - its great! Someday, hopefully mine will turn out something like that :)


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