February 2, 2009

When Life is Like a Blank Paper and a Pencil

Hey, Abbie here. Have you ever been pen-challenged? I mean, have you ever picked up a pen and suddenly not known what to write? I never have that problem. But sometimes life can be like that. We have a problem, and we don't know what to do. No matter how hard we brainstorm, nothing comes to us. In those situations, things are tough. We gotta go to God. We have to ask Him for help. He is the one who gives us the wisdom in the first place. He is the one who plans everything out, from the 56th United States Presidential Inauguration even though it's soooo far away, to the birth of fly larvae. Think of it this way. The problem is the blank piece of paper. You are the pen, waiting for what the Author tells you. And the writer is God, because He is the one who tells you what to do.You just have to listen. Like the pencil you use to write, it moves the way your hand moves. It writes what you want to write. You have to yeild to God's plan, being like the pencil and doing what God wants. You know, often people do this, and expect to be as fast as getting fast food at the counter. But God can take as long as He wants. And He can do it however He wants, too. He can show you the answer in a short period of time, He can show you the answer in a long one. He can use a miracle, or show you through a person. God will always listne. And remeber how I said in the last post, If God planned it, it's good. Everything works out. He shows you what you have to do, even if it hurts.

So, I just want you to to think about any problems you have right now, and then go to God with it. If you can't think of anything, then things are probably going pretty well in your life. But remember this and how life can be like a blank pencil and a paper. Go to God. It works.

SURPRISE!!!!! I have decided to make up a series of posts called "When Life is Like...." Hopefully you'll get some useful advice! All posts in the series will be labeled so you can read them by clicking on the label at the bottom of the posts. Enjoy, Everyblogger!!

Your friend, Abbie <:)

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