February 18, 2009

When Life is Like a Trail of Footprints in a Smooth White Field of Snow

Hey Everyblogger; I'm back for another post!

I've been a little out-of-loop these days. I'm a little bit sick, and I've been busy. Well, mostly with school. I won't go into the details (about the school-thing I mean), but my point is that I haven't blogged in a long time. But I'm back today, and I'm playing a role as an Encourage-O-Matic!

One of my favorite winter sights is a field of snow with no tracks or dents in it, especially when it sparkles! It kinda reminds me of in the Old Testament where they say, "lambs without blemish." Sometimes our lives can be a little bit like that; in the sense that almost everything is going super well, and almost nothing is going wrong. Until someone stomps across that field of snow. Life doesn't feel perfect anymore. Some one just stepped on your day, and all of the sudden things go wrong. It's like that in the white fields, too. After someone walks across it, it's full of footfrints that make the snow scatter like sparks flying when you stoke a campfire. When our lives have been stepped on, you have 3 choices: a. shrug it off, b. feel miserable, or c. be mean to the person who "stepped" on you. You think that "a" is the answer, right? Wrong. None of them are good answers. You should definetly talk to God about it. He'll give you the answer, wether it takes a long time or He almost instantly pops the answer into your head. Remeber, be patient for God's answer! Also, you have to try and make right with the person who stepped on you. Tell them you forgive them, even if they're not sorry. Eventually you might make up with that person completely, even if they stepped on you in a major way. Forgiveness will cover up the tracks left in you.

That's all for now, everyblogger! And have a good rest-of-winter!
Your friends, Abbie :)


  1. hey abbie...where do you get your cool backgrounds for your blog? Please tell me!

    from emily

  2. I got it at www.thecutestblogontheblock.com ...
    If you look there's a link on the top left corner of my blog page.

    Abbie :)

  3. Hey thx :) Chelsea has one of them as well - she got it from you :)


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