April 1, 2009

Alot About Easter

Hey Girls! I've got good news. My brother is feeling MUCH better today. We're all so glad! :)Today I want to talk to you about Easter. It's coming up very soon. And where there's Easter, there's chocolate! :P Ha-Ha. There is chocolate at Easter, but also, where there's Easter, there's forgiveness. We would not be here without Easter. Going to chruch on Easter Sunday is a privilege. Do you remember sitting in the pew or in Sunday School, wishing church wouold end so you could pig out on chocolate? Or maybe listening to the pastor tell the Easter story and recounting the words before he says them and thinking, he prayed in the Garden and then the soldiers took him, blah, blah. Think about this for just a moment. Who do you love the most. Would you be willing to give away your most prized possesion for that person? That's just what God did. He gave away His beloved Son, His only Son - for us. Because He LOVED us. A few days ago I learned in my Bible lesson that Jesus went to the cross with joy. He may not have grinned the whole time. He was probably very hurt and lonely. But you can have joy even when you're sad. When bad things happen, you might still have joy knowing that God loves you. God loves us all more than the length and depth of all the oceans combined. My favorite part of the Easter story is knowing that Jesus is Alive! What a joyful thought. He took the payment for all your sins, all my sins, all everyone else's sins - and then came back to life! So while you're eating your chocolate bunnies and chocolate eggs, thank God for loving you so much, and thank Him for giving His Son for you, and then bringing Him back to life.

Thanks again for being such great bloggers, and great supporters of my blog! Happy Easter!!

Abbie =D


  1. Hi, Abby. Great post =)

    I'm so glad your brother is feeling better, God is Great.

  2. yeah, cool post.
    you can check out my blog at: http://htebazile-htebazile.blogspot.com/

    anyways, keep it up!

  3. Hey Abbie,
    Awesome post! I totally agree with you. Easter is not about eating chocolate or painting eggs or going on an Easter egg hunt it's about how Jesus died on the cross for everyone's sin-and rose again! Keep up the awesome work!


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