April 7, 2009

Blog News, Joke of the Week, and a lesson.

Hey, everyblogger! So I guess some of you saw my surprise sneak-peek comment! Keep guessing and it will be announced soon. I have some blog news. First on the Easter poll, Chocolate and White Chocolate are tied with 3 votes each while Candy-Coated Chocolate is not far behind with 2, and I guess no one likes Jellybeans on Easter. =P Next, The logo. I'm glad you all like it! I finished the slogan picture but I have to scan it into the computer and out printer is broken! So hopefully we can get the logo up soon. And third I'd like to say..... WELCOME, HTEBAZILE, TO MY BLOG LIST!!! (Fanfare with confetti!) Check out her awesome blog by clicking on "Htebazile" on my blog list. BTW I've noticed that Emily and Chelsea have really great names for their blog lists but I can't think of one! And now for the Joke of the Week!

A college student was proudly showing of his new apartment room to his friends. When he came to the gong in the living room, he said, "This is my talking clock." His friends replied, "Really? How does it work?" The college student grabbed a big stick and struck the gong. From the other side of the wall came a voice: "Knock it off! It's 1 o'clock AM!"

LOL! Hope you enjoyed that one! Now here's a lesson.

My 1 and a half year old brother always eats my markers. He doesn't know better, so he eats them. Sometimes I get mad, like when he chewed my favorite marker, my infra red color. But I have to forgive. Does this sound familiar? Your big brother comes in and messes up your room. You get so mad at him and you step on his foot and yell in his ear. Then he punches you. In the end, you both end up getting in trouble, because there was no forgiveness in the situation. That's the way anger rises. Instead of getting angry we need to forgive. Jesus said that we need to forgive 70 times 7(woah, there was math back then? =P). That's 490! Since Easter is all about forgiveness, I'm challenging all of us to try to forgive everyone that does something mean to you, by accident or on purpose. Feel free to comment on your progress! And don't forget to make an effort to forgive after Easter, too.

Abbie =D

P.S. GIG! I got a new bike!


  1. Nice joke,Abby! It was pretty funny. I really like seeing what jokes your going to come up with each week.

    Good lesson, too -- and so true. I'm going to work hard at forgiving people =)

  2. Yeah :D. Abbie you do pretty cool jokes, and i like the i dea of doing them every week!

    Yep, very true. Yeah, it's hard to forgive with 5 brothers, but i'm sure u understand! you ahev a lot fo brothers too! and thank you for that lesson - i'll try to forgive!

    p.s. thanks for adding me to you list of blogs! :D

  3. Awesome joke, Abbie! That was really funny. I always look forward to reading your joke of the week like Htebazile said.

  4. BTW, great lesson too!!!


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