April 11, 2009

Easter Forever!

Hey Everyblogger! @3313 here. LOL! Thanks, Htebazile! So, have any of you heard of Veggietales? Maybe some of you have but it's a series of DVDs with all-vegetable characters. There are some really fun shows. Today I want to tell you about An Easter Carol, a DVD they produced in 2004. It's based on A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Anyway, the story goes like this. Ebenezer Nezzer owns an Easter Egg factory where he makes plastic eggs. The story opens with a scene where Ebenezer Nezzer looks at his beloved grandma's gravestone. Next, they show all the townsfolk singing happily about Easter coming soon. Then they show Cavis (Bob the Tomato) and Milward (Larry the Cucumber) in the factory working for Mr. Nezzer without a day off. They discuss asking Mr. Nezzer for a day off on Easter so they can go to the local church, St. Bart's, to see the grand unveiling of the new stained glass window. When they ask him, Mr. Nezzer tells the story of how his grandmother started the egg factory and dyed real eggs 113 years ago and mentions that just recently, she passed away. And she told Ebenezer before she died, "I've taught you the family business, and with my dying breath, I say you tell every single person Easter means no death." Mr. Nezzer imterprets the message wrongly, saying that it means that as long as he makes Easter eggs, it's like she's still alive. Just then the revenrend of the church and his son, Edmund (based on the charcter Tiny Tim. Edmund is played by Junior Asparagus) enter and invite Mr. Nezzer to attend the church tomorrow. Ebenezer Nezzer reveals his plan to build Easter Land, "where Easter is forever"! He says that he's building it the land the chruch sits on, because his family owns it and he hates the church. He fires Cavis and Milward and says he is tearing down the church tomorrow morning. Everyone is devasted. That night, Grandma Nezzer appears to Ebenezer in a vision and tells him that he missed the point of Easter and that he is to recieve a second visit at midnight. Meanwhile, Cavis and Milward are trying to break into the factory to steal the plans for Easter Land. The visitor is Hope, a music box angel. She takes Ebenezer into his past at church with his grandma when he was a little kid. Then she takes him into his past a year ago where Mr. Nezzer asks Seymour, the local inventor, to build some plastic egg laying mechanical chickens. In Easter present, He sees the reverend, his wife, and another guy from the church named Moyer. They talk about how they're sad about the church being taken down. Edmund wakes up and tells his parents that Mr. Nezzer isn't a bad man, he just didn't have what they had, the thing that let them celebrate Easter all year long. Mr. Nezzer finds out that Edmund is very ill. He realizes that his parents already know but doesn't understand why they're so calm. Hope takes him to the church and tells him the story of Jesus. The new window is of Jesus in front of the empty tomb. Then Mr. Nezzer visualizes what life would be like without the Hope of Easter. The orphans don't have an orphanage because people filled with the Hope of Easter founded it. People don't have any courage, for example, the policemen. Then Ebenezer finds out that Edmund dies. He feels so awful. He wakes up and runs to the church happily to make sure they don't tear it down. In the end, the factory explodes because of too much pressure and plastic eggs rain all over the town.

Okay, so that took a while. Sorry if it was boring. But you see, Mr. Nezzer believed that Easter was about living forever and about Easter lasting forever. But he realized that Easter was about hope. Because Jesus gave us hope for this life by dying on the cross for us and resurrecting. Dying isn't the end if you believe because you'll be with Jesus. So, Easter IS forever! Let me hear it! =P Happy Easter everyone!!

@3313 or Abbie =D

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  1. Hey @3313,
    You are completely right! That was a great post!
    Happy Easter -- God as well!
    Keep it up!


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