April 13, 2009

Easter Is....Over?

Hey everyblogger! I hope you had a wonderful Easter. So far on the blog, we've learned that Easter is Joy, Easter is Forgivess, and Easter is Forever. But it's Easter Monday and tomorrow is regular old Tuesday. Is Easter Over? Will that pile of glorious chocolate quickly turn into a pile of garbage and a tummyache? Will that beautiful outfit that you felt so good wearing yesteray be shoved to the back of the closet until next year? Will we even think about Easter? Is Easter gone? No. Way. No way. We probably won't have the chocolate all year, and won't have the dress on all the time, but Jesus is still here. His death and ressurection still count. He is still in our hearts. That tomb is still empty!! Easter will never be over. As I'm typing this post, I realize that I already taught you that Easter is forever. I thought, should I post this? But I decided that I should tell you what it means that Easter is Forever. Our earthly Easter practices may not last, but even when we die we will go to heaven. Easter is the fullfilment of the meaning of, "forever". So, scarf down your chocolate and put away that amazing dress, but know that Easter (and Jesus!) is Forever.

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  1. Great post, Abbie! You are right, though. We should carry the Good News that Jesus is alive with us everywhere. Easter will never end.

  2. Thankyou, <(--)3!$3@! =D BTW, About my poll, we had a super snow storm at the end of March when things were starting to melt. But today it's very mild and warm. I think that spring is coming, and this time it's probably here to stay!!! =D

    @6613 :)

  3. I really liked your post, because it's so true -- but we just need to remember it.


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