April 22, 2009

An Easter Play

Hey everyblogger! Today was a good day. Me and my brother have been making cardboard boats and sailing them in the local ditches - which have lots of water flowing through them this time of year! This recent Sunday I went to my aunt's church to see their Easter program. They did it on Good Friday too. I wanted to tell you about it. It starts out with a scene that has a family. The mom tells the family that they'd better get going to the Easter service. The dad says he'd like to start a new family tradition - with pop, chips, and Xbox. The kids are up for that. The mom isn't. She says "Don't even think about it. Get your coats on." The kids groan and get their coats on. The mom says to her husband, "Are you coming?" He answers, "If I must." ON his way to the coat rack he trips and rolls on the ground. Everything goes black. It DID go black! All the lights went out. Suddenly, the man appears with shepherds. Alot of humor in this scene. The shepherds ask him his name, and he says, "I'm Bob." "Strange name," says the shepherd. "I'm Zephaniah." Then the angel appears and tells them the good news about Jesus. It really cool though, because it's not a person in a costume. They had black lights shining on a white angel outline - and the angel looked like fluorescent light! Well, it was. Then they went to see Jesus. For a bit he was left alone holding Jesus. He said, "I wonder why this baby is so important." Suddenly a big voice boomed, "Behold! This is the boy that will save the world from its sin." Then the lights went out again. When the lights came on, he was sitting with a bunch of kids in a circle by Jesus. He realized he was a kid because he had a sling shot. He shot a guy standing beside Jesus. The guy who was shot came to confiscate the slingshot. He refused to give to him, and the man started to drag him away. He said, "Help me, Jesus!" Jesus said, "Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them." The man immediately dropped him. "Thank you Jesus," Bob said. The lights faded again. This time, he was a woman about to be stoned for adultery. Another woman was about to go first, and it was actually my aunt playing the part. Jesus had mercy on her. I thought my aunt did really well in that scene. :) The scene closed and next, he was a leper. He said, " Can someone give me a hand?" "Some of us don't have hands," was the reply. " Then Jesus comes along and heals them. Next he is one of the thieves on the crosses with Jesus. Finally, he wakes up. The family has decided not to go to church because it's too late. But Bob really wants to go. They end up going and he shared his testimony up front. It was such a good play. And in between some scenes they had people wearing black clothes and white gloves and they made shapes with their hands that were shining against the black lights. It was so cool. At the end I went up to the person who played Bob and asked for his autograph. I hung it up on my wall. :) Just thought I'd share with you about the play because it was really good. BTW, we should think about our chatting blog. And we could add all our blogs to the bloglist. It could be really fun, and we could have tons of polls, and we could post random questions. Kinda like Chelsea's free chat. Umm.. I just had this thought that what if we're kind of.. well... stealing her chat. I'd better go. It's almost bed time now. See ya!

Love, Abbie =D


  1. What do you mean "stealing her chat"?

    Anyways, great post!



  2. Nice post!

    We wouldn't be stealing her free chat -- that's what blogs are for -- to chat on!

  3. btw, you've got a really awesome poll on "dream vacation" in Australia we call it "dream Holiday" lol, anyway...because all the ones that are on there, aren't my dream vacation, well, I felt like telling you MY dream vacation-

    going to:
    ~ England
    ~ Africa

    and most of all...


    Anyway, random =/
    but, kutaw


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