April 16, 2009


Hello Everyblogger! Life is so positive theses days, I feel so happy! Spring is springing! Yay! GIG! But, Yesterday, I finished reading the book of Nehemiah. I found it very interesting. Nehemiah rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem. God picked him to be the foreman. Nehemiah was a cupbearer to the King, and God knew he could trust Nehemiah. The cupbearer was the one guy who had the ultimate chance to put poison in the King's drinks. Nehemiah had to be a trust-worthy guy! Nehemiah set out for Jerusalem and found the walls to be completely crumbled! So he had a group of builders who helped him build. Some guys were complainers. They said, "We have vineyards to tend so we can make money! Why do we need to build this wall anyway?" Obviously those were the guys that didn't live in Jerusalem. When the wall was finished, all the Isrealites celebrated. They sat together in open air pavollions and listened to Ezra, the priest, read from the Bible. It says that the Isrealites hadn't celebrated like that for years and years. Everyone was worshipping God! It was amazing. Of course, I wasn't there, but I suspect it was amazing! :P And Since I have a FaithGirlz Bible, it has the "Between God and Me" feature where you can write a prayer to God. The little question at the beggining of the feature was , " Dear God, What do you want me to do? -Me" I replied, This been a good read for me. What's my job? If you want me to cement weak bricks (care for people) or stack bricks (lead people to Christ) for your kingdom, I'll do it. I love you. Amen. God has a job for each of us to build up his kingdom. Whether it's stacking bricks or cementing bricks together, we can build God's kingdom together. If you want, maybe you could read the book of Nehemiah too. I think you'll like it. Remember that God can use you! Comment for me, please! These days Elizabeth is the only one! I'm so glad we're all friends. :) I have to go now. :)

Abbie =D


  1. Hey Abbie -- sorry if I haven't been commenting! That was a really great post, and I'm going to read the book of Nehemiah, just like you said =) KUTAW! (keep up the awesome work. Hey, I just figured out what it means when chelsea did that! Lol. I guess I was a bit slow :P)

  2. I've been only having Chelsea and Emily comment too -- lol, but it's okay, it was Easter, and I guess everyones sick 'cause of the chocolate and so and so...
    anyways, GREAT post! Keep it up!

  3. Awesome post, Abbie! I will definately have to read the book of Nehemiah soon.


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