April 27, 2009

The Puppet Master

Hey everyblogger! How are you today? We're going to talk about puppets. You might be thinking, Hello! What do puppets have to do with any of our blogs!? Well, you'll find out. :) Do you like to put on puppet shows? I do and once in a while I perform one for my little brothers. I know a dance called The Puppet Master. It's a really cute dance where you pretend you have strings on your hands and you lift your knees and feet. It got me inspired to write this. What if we were puppets? And what if we had a Puppet Master? We already are puppets. And we already have a Puppet Master. God is our Puppet Master! No, we don't have strings coming from us and no, we aren't made of plush, but in a way, we are puppets. We need t let God take control of us, to take the strings. Have you ever tried to use a puppet that it controlled by strings and sticks? I have, and I think it's really hard! In the same way, it's really hard for us to control our own lives. We need to let God do that. Can you imagine if a puppeteer were controlling a puppet, and the puppet didn't do what if was supposed to do? If the puppeteer lifted the arm, and the puppet kicked its leg? Sometimes that happens with us. We don't do what God tells us to do because our human way seems better. I know a little song from VeggieTales that ends with, "God's way is the best way, and that's the way for me!" Let God take the strings. Let God take the strings. God will lead you in his way. If you've read the Sophie Series by Nancy Rue, you'll know that in the third book, Sophie and the Scoundrels, Dr. Peter tells Sophie to do her job and let God do his. Your job is to do what God tells you to do and let God control the strings. Sometimes our human way of doing things seems better. But God's way is the best way. Let God take the strings. You can start by praying every morning,

"Dear God, please help me to let you take the strings, and please help me not to pull away from your control. I love you and I know your way is best. Lead me away from sin, and take me on the right paths. You are my Puppet Master. Amen."

You don't have to pray those exact words, but praying something like that is a good start. Next, act on it and let God lead you through the day. I hope you liked my post and BTW, we should think about our chat blog. :)

Love, Abbie =D


  1. That's a really cool idea! I've never thought of us in that way before.

  2. That's so true, Abbie! :) KUTAW!

    xox emily

  3. Totally right, Abbie.
    Keep it up!

  4. Anonymous28.4.09

    i like your blog, abbie
    love lydia

  5. Thanks for commenting! I love reading all of your blogs! :)

    Abbie =D


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