April 25, 2009

Super Survival!

Dear friends,

Let us begin with some BLOG NEWS!!! Oh YEAH! So, no one seems to be voting on my new poll. If none of those are your dream vacation, then you can comment and tell me! :) I'm sure you've all met Daisy, my new panda. She's at the bottom and I hope you'll be nice to her! And about that surprise I mentioned in an earlier post, my apologies that it hasn't been posted. It will be soon! Now, enough blog news. Let's get to the goods. I love to write, and I wanted to post a story that I wrote. I picked one that I did for school. It's called Super Survival and I hope you'll like it.

"Time to review the checklist!" Mom called. April, Joseph, and Thomas rushed to get in a line for the checklist. In spite of the frosty January air, none of them were cold. The whole Carlson family was going to their heated cottage for a week this winter. "Backpacks?" Check," said April. "4 coolers?" "Check, check, check and check," said Joseph. "Sleeping bags and blankets?" "Checkity check!" said Thomas. He was only four. "Television and extension cord?" "Da-ad." said April. Then they all laughed. Even Lucy, who was a baby, got a giggle in there. After that they made sure they had the extra heater, the tool box, the first aid kit, and a bunch more stuff. "All Carlsons in the van!" called Dad. April lead the way and then helped Thomas get into his car seat. "Let's go!" said Dad. "Oh wait, I forgot the cell phone!" This time all April, Joseph, and even Thomas said, "Da-ad!" When they finally took off, April grinned and stared at the trees from her window. She grabbed her portable CD player and put on PureNRG. She had just finished listening to "Here We Go Again" when she felt a big road bump. April was sure the car bounced at least a foot high. "Everything's fine," said Mom. But then after Dad swerved to miss a patch of ice, April was sure that everything wasn't fine. She felt Joseph grab onto her arm as she felt the van tipping to the side. She herself reached out for something to grab on. She caught the armrest and held on with all her might. With the other hand she held on to Joseph. The van slid across the snow and into a ditch. They landed sideways. Everything was dark. No one was making any noise. April just held on tight to Joseph and the armrest.

Baby Lucy broke the silence. She wailed and wailed until Mom picked her up. "Is everyone all right?" Dad called. "Sure, Dad," said Joseph sarcastically. Thomas told Dad that he was scared. "Not to worry," he said. April thought she saw Joseph roll his eyes. "I'll just call a towtruck and we'll be on our way in no time." There was a cheer that rang out through the vehicle until Dad frowned. "What's wrong, Dad?" asked April. "I forgot to put minutes on the cell phone! We can't even call Grandma and Grandpa!" "You mean we're stranded, Dad?" said Joseph. April thought she heard a quake in his voice. No wonder, she thought. She waited for Dad to shake his head and tell them all that they would get to the cottage today. But he didn't. Instead he pointed out that the van heater was broken. Mom said, "Let's get the blankets from the back seat." April moved her parents and Joseph's suitcases and handed everyone a sleeping bag and got out the emergency blankets. She threw one to Mom and Dad, draped one over Thomas and Lucy, and draped one over herself and Joseph. "We going to be okay, right Daddy?" said Thomas. "I don't know," Dad said. "I'm going to see if I can get some help." He struggled to open the door, and when he did some light streamed in. The cold air made April shudder. Her father closed the door, and everything went dark again. "Maybe we could try and get some sleep," said Mom. But April was sure she would never fall asleep like this.
Her father returned to the vehicle with the report that almost all the towtrucks were busy with other crashes that involved injuries. "It might be a few days before we get rescued," he said. "We are going to have to set up camp here." "You mean, like a camp out? Cool!" Joseph yelled. He got right into it and started by going to get wood with Dad. They didn't have a saw, but they had Mom's gourmet meat knife that she had insisted on bringing. Mom and April took out the seats and rearranged them for comfort. Mom started digging for her can opener, since all they brought was canned vegetables and chicken noodle soup. They were going to stop at a grocery store to buy extra food. Going to, thought April. Now we can't. Dad and Joseph came back with enough wood to build a beaver dam, April thought. Dad and April opened the sunroof and then he and Joseph made a fire in front of it. Before long the whole family was piled up on the seats under blankets, trying to get warm. They had boiled the beans on the barbeque grill. Dad had to practically take apart the barbeque, as Joseph put it, but he didn't mind. He said he would rather live than have a barbeque anyway. "These canned beans aren't so bad," said Mom. "Ya. Ri-ight," said Joseph. Mom shot him the look. They all talked. April was quiet. Every car that speeded by seemed to be saying, " Ha-ha. You don't get to go on vacation!" None of them stopped to help. April finally decided to speak, and what came out of her mouth was, "Why doesn't anyone want to help us, Dad?" She immediately wished she could take back what she said. She covered her mouth. Dad chuckled. "It's okay. That's a good question." There was a pause, as if everyone were pondering on the thought. "I think I know just what we need. Honey, where's my Bible?" Dad said. "It's in our suitcase." Mom replied. "A Bible story!" April brightened up. "Yay!" Thomas cried. Joseph didn't seem any more gloomy. He was excited, until he found out that he couldn't kill animals to eat. Now he's just grumpy, April thought. "Are we going to read about the Good Samaritan, Dad? Cause I don't think that'll help. We're the ones who need one." Joseph said. "Actually, we are." said Dad. Suddenly April felt the same way as Joseph. What good will that do?, she thought. "Why?" asked Joseph. "You'll see." Dad read the story about the Good Samaritan, where the man got beat up and no one from his town would stop and help. Then a guy from an enemy town helped him. "So, what's the point of the story? Can you figure it out?" asked Dad. "I got it, Dad. The point is that all these people pass us without helping, and then some bully will stop." Joseph guessed. "No," said Dad. April decided to give it a try. "The point is that we need to help everyone even when they don't like us." "Correct," said Dad. "Now, it's time to get some sleep," After a half hour of arranging and rearranging seats to make beds, the family was finally settled. April was sure it was past midnight when she fell asleep. She was confused.
"Everyone, wake up! It's an emergency!" April opened one eye and saw Dad shaking Joseph. She closed it and decided to sleep more. After her father came to shake her, she decided she had no choice but to wake up. "What's wrong, Dad?" April said groggily. April heard Joseph mutter, "Yeah, dude. Chill." Mom was barely awake, but she still shot Joseph the look."It's snowing out! We could be buried!" April immediately sat up straight. "Oh No!" she cried. April grabbed her coat and volunteered to help Dad get attention. Dad gave in and they both climbed out of the van and up the ditch. They waved their arms frantically until a black truck pulled up by them. "Why hello, Mr. and Mrs. Taylor." Dad said. No! You don't mean Brittany Taylor, do you??! April thought. She peered into the shaded window of the truck and saw her worst enemy, Brittany Taylor. She crouched so Brittany woulden't see her. She listened to her Dad explain how they were stranded and their cell phone was out out of minutes and their van could be buried with them inside it. She watched Brittany unbuckle her seatbelt and look out the window. No! she thought. She found herself staring up at Brittany from her window. She watched in horror as Brittany opened the door. She's just going to mock me even more, said April. I don't need this! "Hi, April," said Brittany. "Hi," April managed to get out. "So your family crashed?" Brittany said. "Yeah," said April. Here it comes, she thought. "Oh. Sorry." Brittany said kind of quietly. "I have a chocolate bar. Do you want it?" Brittany said. April tried not to look too shocked. She just nodded her head. Brittany stuck her hand inside a pink school bag and pulled out a Coffee Crisp. "Here." she said. "Thanks.... I guess." said April. "I guess you think this is pretty weird, me helping you like this." Brittany said. It sounded like it was hard to say. "Yeah," April replied. "Well, I just thought of what it would be like if we crashed and no one would help us. So I decided even thought you're my worst enemy, I should help you." April could just nod her head. "I don't think worst enemies anymore," said April. "How about best friends?" Brittany smiled at April. But it was big enough to know that she wanted to be friends.
Brittany's mother said, "Brittany, get in the car. We need to get the Carlsons a tow truck!" "See you later," Brittany said. "Come on April, let's go tell our family the good news!" Dad called. "Bye, Brittany," April said. "So, how was your encounter with your worst enemy?" Dad asked. "Oh, it was okay." April said with a smile. "Good," Dad said. "Hey, where'd you get the Coffee Crisp?" "It's a long story. You won't believe it."

April was right. Her family didn't believe it. Even as they watched their car being pulled out of the ditch, her family was still in shock. "Your vehicle has suffered some bad damage," said the man in the tow truck. "We'll find you some place to stay, and by noon tomorrow it'll be fixed. Sound good?" "Yes," said Mother. In the back of the tow truck, Mom and Dad anounced that the kids could pick where they would stay. "Awesome, dude!" Joseph cried. With a chuckle Dad added, "As long as it's under 10 dollars." "No way! The we'll have to go some place with cockroaches, spider webs and lumpy beds!" Joseph cried. Dad laughed and said, "I'm kidding." "How about Brittany Taylor's cottage?" April suggested. "You know, that's a good idea." said Mom. "We'll ask them." On the way to a corner store with a public phone, Joseph complained about not going to a five star hotel with a cinema and pool, and asked why did April always got to choose everything. Mom and Dad just ignored him. When the call was confired that they were going to the Taylor's cottage, April was glad she brought extra hair stuff and nail polish. For makeovers, she thought. It would be just like a slumber party on occasion of their new friendship. When April got to Brittany's cottage, they were both really excited. And sure enough, the girls got to sleep really late that night. April told Brittany about how Dad had read the story about the Good Samaritan and it was just like what happened with Brittany. "Wow," Brittany said. "I didn't know that!" "It was only God who could have done that." said April.
The next day at the cottage, the Carlson kids made snow angels, snow men, and snowforts. They had a huge snowball fight. They laughed and laughed. They found the first version of Monopoly and played for two hours. That night the entire Carlson family had a big bonfire. April told her story about what had happened with Brittany Taylor. None of her other family members believed her either. The rest of the week went by so quickly and before they knew it, it was time to go home. On the way back, April prayed that they might just get stranded again.

Did you like it? Please comment your opinion. I have to go. And....oh yeah, you can expect an awesome post tomorrow. =D

Abbie =D


  1. Hey Abbie,

    That story was awesome! KUTAW!
    btw, on my books i have a bully, and her name is Brittany too! oh, and on my next series (about a girl named Destiny) her best friend is going to be called April.


  2. Awesome! :D

    You're a really great writer, Abbie. :)


  3. Hey Abbie,

    I really enjoyed reading your story, it was really good, KUTAW!!!

    emily xox

  4. Grace21.2.11

    Abbie your story is awesome! I just want to ceep reading it! Great job:)


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