May 14, 2009

Accesorization: Hair

Hello, blogging-friends! How is it going?? =) Sorry it's a little late.... Bad weather causes power outages! :( I'm guessing that you're excited. I kinda have to do this quick, so here we go. Okay. First of all, don't let your hair get extremely knotty, otherwise when you go in public you'll have a hard time getting out the knots, and knots mean for a messier ponytail/braid, or any other hairstyle. Speaking of hairstyles my hair is usually;

A. In a ponytail or two
B. In a braid or two
C. Down

But there are alot of great hairstyles out there that are really easy and cute! :) To accesorize your hair, headbands rock. So do hairclips. Add a fantastic hair elastic (hehe, that rhymes!) and you've got a hairstyle in itself. Okay. I'm sorry this has been kinda short, but for more you can visit the FaithGirlz Get Real page and find a Fashion Guide for fun fashion tips from FaithGirlz like you and a Color Guide to find out what are cool colors of clothes to wear with your hair and skin color at

See y'all tomorrow!! =)

Abbie =D

P.S. I was just looking at pictures from the latest FaithGirlz event on the FaithGirlz website - I SOOO wish I could've been there! Sigh.. but it's in the U.S.A. and I live in Canada. Oh well. Hopefully once she'll come here!! =)


  1. thats awesome abbie! i normally have my hair hand in a pony tale, but not had down, it's sort of like a bun, but not lolz, confusing! hope y ou understood that - KUTAW

  2. Cool! I absolutely LOVE wearing my hair down :)

    xox em


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