May 2, 2009

Between You and God: Quality Time with your BFFL

Hi everyblogger! Are you excited for the first Between You and God? That's good! First I want to tell you about my music! I hope you enjoy it. These are some of my personal favorites! :) So, get ready! Grab your Bible, and maybe your journal and something to write with. So yesterday I was trying to come up with ideas for today's blog post. I thought to myself, what does almost every girl have to go through? Alot of stuff came to my mind, and we'll talk about those in following weeks. But today I want to talk about cliques. First of all, what is a clique? A clique is a group of friends that act very disdainful (that means act like they're better than anyone else). A clique usually has a "queen bee" and the queen bee decides who "clicks" and who doesn't. In the Sophie Series, That's the Corn Pops. You got it. Lip curls, hair-tosses, eye-rolls. You might be thinking, who would wanna be like that? But alot of girls these days want to be with the popular crowd. I can bet you that half of them don't even have fun being in a clique. They just strut around the playground looking at people with icy stares. One of the worst things about cliques is that a CFF might dump you to be popular. It can even happen with BFFs. Your heart can just snap in half. We don't want to do that to our friends. We can't be a part of the clique trick.

Okay, so maybe you don't think this is really "Quality Time" with God. This is about to become that. Have you experienced the clique trick or are experiencing it? How do you think that God wants us to live in that situation? I think he wants us to stay away from cliques. And if the cliques come to us, we have to try to love our enemies like Jesus did. Now take some time to pray about it. Think about it.

I hope you liked the first edition! :)

Abbie =D


  1. Good post, Abbie. But, and this is just a sort of suggestion -- don't you think that, with the groups of girls -- that we should still like, try and communicate with them, and tell them about Jesus and stuff? I mean, we don't want to like, hang around and start to be influenced by them -- but we do need to dpread around the love of God. =)

    xox emily

  2. KUTAW, Abbie. That's a great post!
    libby xox

  3. Youre right Emily. You totally have a point. :)

    Abbie =D


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