May 1, 2009


Between You and God: Quality Time with your BFFL

Hello, everyblogger! I've got some news! But first, poll results! Shopping in Paris came in first with 5 votes! Sight-Seeing in England came in second with 4 votes! Swimming on the coast of the Pacific Ocean comes in 3rd with 3 votes, and A Mountain Climb in the Rockies and A Cruise in the Bahamas tied with 2. So now for the BIG, BIG NEWS!! Tomorrow, and every Saturday (Sundays for our Australian friends), I'm going to blog a series called Between YOU and God: Quality time with your BFFL!!! =D Tell me what you think! I'm excited1 I'll be talking about things we have to face every day. And how to solve those problems. Oh, and BTW, I have a fun fact! The secret recipe for Play-Doh has been hidden for 40 years. There are recipes for salt playdough, but you might never know the real one. Interesting, eh? I'm sooooo excited for tomorrow! Hope to see you all on the comment board! =D

Abbie =D


  1. Hey , how awesome, Abbie! I can't wait! :)

    Lol, is that why the play-doh we make at home always makes our hands smell, but the ones we buy at the shops don't?! Lolz :):)

  2. Sounds gr8t -- can't wait!!!



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