May 12, 2009

Joke of the Week + Blog news + Spring

Hey girls! Here's a joke.

A golfing duffer cringed when his drive landed in an anthill. Choosing a sand wedge he positioned himself and swung at the half-burried ball. Sand and ants flew. The ball hadn't moved. Again the novice braced and swung. Again the anthill was devastated, but the ball lay unmoved. Amon the panic-sticken ant colony, one ant yelled to his friend, "Come on! That big white ball seems to be a pretty safe place!"

LOL. Now I want to show you a comparison of 2 pictures I took from my living room window. This is winter.

This is spring.

Excitement! I love spring because SUMMER follows it! Okay. Here's the schedule for the new five days:

May 13th: Accesorization: Clothes

May 14th: Accesorization: Hair

May 15th: Accesorization: You

May 16th: Decoration (like, bedroom wise)

May 17th: Orginization

Can't wait! Stay tuned!

Abbie =D


  1. That's a funny joke, Abbie! LOL, that ant must have been pretty dumb. Just kidding. I agree with you though. I love both spring and summer. They are such wonderful seasons. Anyways, your upcoming posts sound really cool! I can't wait until you post again. Have a great day!

  2. Hey Abbie,
    I can't wait for your posts :) Haha, I'm a bit dumb -- can someone explain the joke to me?! :P
    That was a good idea, taking pics of Winter and Spring. Awesome!

    xox em

  3. yep, i'll be stayin' tunes!

  4. Okay, so the golfer's really bad at golf, and he keeps missing the ball. And the ant goes, That white ball (the golf ball) seems like a safe place! I hope that kinda clears things up. And no, Emily, you are not dumb. :)

    Abbie =D


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