May 25, 2009

Joke of the Week

Hi everyblogger! I think I need some new ideas for posts. Have you got any? Anyway, here's a joke.

The sons of a doctor, a lawyer, and a minister were talking about their fathers' profit. "My dad does surgery on someone and comes home with about 1000$." said the doctor's son. "My dad wins a case and comes home with 2000$!" said the lawyer's son. The minister's son, determined not to be overruled, said, "That's nothing. My dad preaches for just 20 minutes and it takes 4 men to carry the money.

I thought that one was pretty funny. Thought I'd post it for ya! Have a great day, everyone!



  1. i don't get it. i'm probably missing something but i am totally lost.

  2. hi abbie!
    sorry i haven't been around for a while!! anyways, i like your blog =)

    love lydia

  3. Anonymous26.5.09

    OOOOOOOPPPPPSSSS!!! i was on the wrong email account... sorry! it was mean to be LYDIA not JESUS


  4. hey girlz,
    today my teacher, also my uncle, said that he was writing an article in the school newsletter, about something, and he wanted to include my blog. I said ok (no idea why i said ok) and now I regret it. because, that's one thing i love about blogging -- u girlz dont laugh at this. so, for a few weeks, possibly, its going to be on 'with permision only'. i really dont want to do that, because it means that everyone cant read it. but, to make things a lot easier -- you can either post a comment with your email address in it, so that i can put you in 'permission to read' or send an email to the blogz adress at and , if you cant access this, please go to Larny, Abbie, Chelsea or one of the other girlz blogz, or comment at nancy rue's blog, if you need to give ur email to me. this stuff wont matter if my dad can reach my uncle before the newsletter is published (tomorrow) , but im just telling you, in case, because i dont want peoples from my school reading it...

    xxx emii

  5. Hey Abbie,
    I can't wait until u do another post! Until then,

    xox emii


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