June 4, 2009

Abbie's Prayer Lines

Hi everyblogger! That picture was taken today. I'm posing beside the tree I like to call, "The Smiling Tree"(see the closed eyes and the smile?). I wrote a poem about it. Maybe I'll post it someday but anyway, it's been so long since I last blogged! But know I'm blogging, PLUS I have a surprise! Presenting.....


Send in your prayer request to forabbiesblog@gmail.com, and it will be put into the widget, found on the sidebar. I'm so excited!!

I think we should thank the Lord for everything. And always trust Him(wow, that was kind of random.... :P). I mean, I live in a township called Black River Matheson. It includes few little towns including Ramore, where I live, and, well, Matheson. Ramore has a corner store, a park, a library, and a school. The park was made out of wood, and it was alright. But some older kids had been vandalizing it, like taking out the screws. Then the township found out the wood was dangerous so they tore it down. Me and my brothers were dissapointed because we liked that park. But now, they're building one that's MUCH better than the last! I'm so glad! It should be done in 1-2 days. It looks really fun! So that's why we should always trust Him. If something bad happens, wait and see if something good will come out of it.

I love blogging! You girlz are awesome!

Abbie =D x0x

P.S. Cool surprise coming soon (yes, another one)!


  1. Hey Abbie,

    That is a really awesome idea!! KUTAW! Btw, I love the new background :):)


  2. Can't wait for another post, Abi!

    xox emii


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