June 18, 2009

My Day

Hey girlz! We had an awesome night with the pastor. On Wednesday we went to an appointment for my mom, since the new baby's due on July 28th. Next, we went to an optometrist appointment for me and my brother. My prescription has more than doubled for my glasses, and my brother needs to get glasses. My new glasses are red with butterflies on the sides. I'm so excited! Next we went to a picnic at the park. There must have been a school field trip going on, because the park was overrun with kids. We played on the HUGE play structure, and that was fun. Then me and my little brother Mathias had a blast at the water park. We ran under the palm tree that spewed out water from the top, stood under the steady stream of water being gushed out from a dragon, and leaped over water fountains like gazelles. We also rushed through circles that had water coming out from all sides. After that, me and my mom went to the last possible place to buy me a bathing suit-and found one! It is a two piece where the top and the bottom touched so that it's modest. It is red and brown with lots of different coloured hearts on it. Speaking of which, my dad MIGHT take us to the local swimming lake, and 3 minutes away, after he gets home from work. Yay! I also got a yellow shirt with little white polka-dots that was on sale. Next we went to another store where I bought glue sticks, letter stickers for the Father's Day card I'm making for my dad, and I plain white baseball hat I'm going to decorate with 3D fabric paints. I had a great day. I'll probably blog tomorrow, a longer post this time. Bye!

Abbie =D x0x

P.S. Emma, Libby, and everyone else, it's 35 degrees Celsius out today(86 Fahrenheit)!


  1. Wow! It sounds like you had a blast today. Are you excited about getting a new little brother? You are so fortunate to have so many siblings. I am an only child and sometimes it can get quite lonely. I so badly wish I could have a brother or a sister. Btw, are you on your summer vacation from school yet? Just wondering. Have a great week!

  2. Hey Abbie,
    Wow, sounds like you had an awesomly fun busy day!

    Ohh, your new brother is due pretty soon!!! Can't wait!



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