July 22, 2009


Hi girlz. I know that I promised I would blog on Saturday- but I was very busy that day and Sunday, and on Monday I started my swimming lessons. They're tough, but I'm getting better at swimming. So, please forgive me, blogging friends. No baby brother yet- though he's do in 6 days! I am very excited. :)!!

I haven't been getting many comments lately. Hearing from you girls is the best part of blogging. Any comments - even just to say hi - would be very appreciated! Please!

Okay.... I know that sounded a little desperate. But I do miss hearing from all of you. Oh, and I had a blast at camp. And my blog is officially one year and 4 days old! Awesome!

I'm getting tired...lol! I just yawned! =P I'll try and blog more... but I'm having a bit of a busy summer. In fact, I'm hardly halfway done my Beauty book that Nancy Rue gave the instructions to make on her blog! Anyway, ttyl, talk to you later.

Love in Christ, Abbie =D x0x


  1. hey abbie,

    I'm here, reading ur blog! i know, comments are awesome... and it's great to know ur blog is actually getting used and read :)

    I am soooo excited for you about your baby bro to-come!! that is soooo soon, and I'll be praying!

    Blessings, prayers,
    Libby xox

    p.s. glad u had fun at camp! what was ur fave part you did (come let me know on my blog :D)

  2. hey abbie,
    hey, it would be awesome if u did a post about camp! :)



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