July 9, 2009

Operation: Label Everything! and Update

Hi bloggers.....I know I've been gone. I've actually missed being in the circle. Sorry I haven't been here. There was a baby shower for my mom last Saturday (actually on the Fourth of July), and I've been busy preparing my present and helping get ready. I've also been setting aside clothes for camp, and I have a few thing left to wash for camp. I've got big plans for the birthday bash... actually I don't really. But I am thinking about things to do.

In other news: My pet fish died on the last Monday of June. I only realized on Tuesday though, and I buried him on Thursday. It was really sad but I'm okay. Oh... and I never told you what my shower gift to my mom was, did I? =P I have a sewing machine, and with the help of my aunt, I followed a pattern to make a Wall Organizer with 6 pockets. Canada Day was great! I love fireworks. Things have been busy. And I'm in for more business this month, because after one full week of overnight camp, I'm going to swimming lesson in the morning every day except Saturday and Sunday from the 20th to the 31st. I'll still try and blog though. :) And my mom's going to have the new baby soon... when he's born I'll introduce him on the blog.

I have a weird title for my post.. but I'm going to label every post on my blog. The update part is because this is an update post. Thankyou Libby for giving me a special thanks on your blog! I guess this could be a special thanks for a special thanks! :) Also special thanks to Chelsea for keeping a beautiful blog and honoring God with it.

For a lesson tidbit... I went shopping with my aunt and grandma last Friday (shower preparations!) and my aunt had a CD on by a Christian band called Jesus Culture. It was a song called You Won't Relent and the one singer Kim Walker (she's really good) sang, "I don't want to talk about you like you're not in the room, I want to look right at you and sing about you.." anyway I thought, we talk about Jesus... but are we talking like he's here? Are we talking like we've had good experiences with God? Of course we probably have. Sometimes we talk about being good Christians and living for God on our blogs... that's not at all bad, in fact, it's very good, but our blogs should be more about God. I know Elizabeth J., my new blog reader, your profile says, It shouldn't be about me, it should be about Jesus Christ. God needs to be in our blogs as much as he is in our posts. Without God this blog is just a bunch of meaningless words put together to make paragraphs. So I don't know if I'm making very much clear sense but, our blogs are about God. God is in these words, these paragraphs, on this web page. I can see alot of God in all your blogs too, Emii, Emma, Libby, Chelsea, Anna... Keep living for God and and writing for God in your blogs.

So, I haven't been getting too many comments lately.... am I getting boring? =P I'll probably be back on Saturday with another post, my friends. See you then!

Abbie =D


  1. LOL, Abbie, your not getting boring =) What do you do at the camp your going to?


  2. Hey Emii.. thx! I'll blog again maybe tomorrow because it's getting late in Canada.... and everyone else, sorry if there was confusion but in my Special Thanks I meant Chelsea from Club CHEA.

    Abbie =D


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