September 17, 2009

Hello Everyone!! (Long time no see!)

Hey girlz!!! I haven't blogged in a while. I'm so sorry. I've been hiding behind my computer though.... secretly reading everyones' blogs. :P Lately in my life:

-I started homeschooling again, and it's really cool. It's a lot of fun!
-As part of my homeschooling, I am learning sign language. I know how to sign the entire alphabet, plus the sign for God, Jesus, I love you, Thankyou, and You're Welcome!
-My little brother Luukas is starting to say more words, including no, baby, and bummer (=P).
-My baby brother Efraim can smile, and he's growing lots.
-Fall has officially arrived!.

The last post was called Hot Hot Sun! This post could be called, Cold Cold Weather! It`s pretty chilly out, and shorts and a T-shirt are out of season.

Just recently I redecorated my room. I feel like I have alot more space. I did some decorating too. That operation had been planned in June, and I`m glad to finally have it tackled.

So, I'm taking piano lessons! I'm really excited. I know it'll be some work when I have to practice and stuff but I'm still really excited because I'll learn how to play Christmas music (and on time for Christmas too).

Have a good weekend, and I'll blog soon! Love you all.

Abbie =D

P.s. I have MORE than a hundred hits! Keep em' coming!


  1. Hey Abbie,
    Your doing piano lessons? Awesome, I'm going to start guitar lessons in a few weeks..!!! :)

    Your room must look pretty awesome, I know I loved mine when we gave it a make-over...!!!


  2. Awesome!!! I love playing piano, it rox -- you'll love it :)
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