November 30, 2009

My Dream Christmas Tree Contest

Hi Girls!!

Ha, ha, webdings. Hi Girls!!

It's true! It's my very first contest! After a year and four months of NO contests, suddenly, out of the blue, a CONTEST!

I want you to think.... when you grow up and have your own house, what would your Christmas Tree look like? Would it be classic gold and red? Modern and funky? Country style with gingerbread ornaments? Colorful and bright?

Now put your ideas onto a paper. Create your dream Christmas Tree, no matter how much it would cost and even if it's unrealistic! Here are the rules.

1. The Christmas tree MUST be designed by you.

2. You can enter a picture of your family Christmas Tree, or design your own.

3. You may draw with crayons (and then scan the picture into your computer and e-mail it to me), or you may use Paint on you computer. No real pictures please.

4. Point out the parts of your Christmas Tree. Like, if the lights did some cool flashing/blinking thing, tell me. If the tree is quite large, tell me. If the tree would be meant to go in you room, tell me.

5. All entries are to be e-mailed to me @

6. All entries are due by December 11th, 2009 (the second Friday of December).

Here are the PRIZES!!!!

1st place -

A blog Interview by me!
A Dream Christmas Tree Contest award picture! (I'm no good with the button thing, so I made them as pictures you can add to your sidebar.)
3 guest posts!

2nd place -

A blog interview by me!
A Dream Christmas Tree Contest Award!
2 guest posts!

3rd Place -

A blog interview by me!
A Dream Christmas Tree Contest Award!
1 guest post!

Have fun girls!!!

Love, Abbie =D x0x

P.S. Do you have any snow yet?


  1. Hey Abbie,
    Yay, you're posting again!
    Ooh, I'm totally gonna enter...:)


  2. I wanna enter and P.S: I live in a really cold state in the USA, but it's awfully warm for December..


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