December 8, 2009

Abbie got a new looooookkk!!

Hey everyone! It's Libby here! I just wanted to tell you that Abbies blog makeover is DONE!! YAY! I'm excited, and I so hope you guys love it because I do too :)

Here's what she got:

Blog Button
Sidebar dividers
Sidebar titles
Post dividers
and SIGNATURE (which you will see at the bottom of this post)

This is a test post, as well as "hey, guys, show off Abbie's new blog look" post, so I know the signature is working and stuff, haha. Well.... Abbie, thank you soooo much for ordering because I had a great time designing, and hope you love it.

Well, readers (and only while I was designing did I realize I wasn't following your blog!!! WHAT!? Well, I am now, lolz, sorry, Abbie!) be sure to grab Abbie's new blog button and place it on your sidebar to show off her awesome blog!

And if any of you want a makeover, be sure to click HERE (and do remember that a surprise is coming soon on that blog hehe, so, STAY TUNED) Well, I need to head off and finish up another girl's blog... see ya!




  1. Hey Abbie!

    I found your blog while looking at other girls' blogs!

    Just a quick question...could you maybe change your text colour? I'd love to read the rest of your posts, but the colour makes it very difficult!! I have to strane me eyes, and that's not a good thing!
    Could you do that? I would really appriciate it!

    Luv, Amy

  2. Hey Amy,

    Abbie only JUST got her blog makeover, so she hasn't had time to realize that everything has changed.

  3. Hey!!! Thatns so much for the makeover Libby! IT ROCKS!! Oh, and Amy, I switched the font color now so it should be easier to read!

    Love, Abbie =D


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