December 7, 2009


Hey Girls!! That above you is my window in my room! It's got Christmas window stickers and ornaments on the curtain rod, since I never close them anyway. =P Hope you enjoy the pictures!
This pic is kind of blurry, but it's my Nativity scene.

That's My tree!!! And those boxes are all empty by the way... but the red one hides my Christmas presents! Clever, huh? Pictures coming up are the new additions to our tree.

This one, plus the next 2 are ornaments we made as a family. We have about 10.

My brother Alex made this one!

And I made this one.

I bought 4 of these at the 10,000 Villages fair.

And we have 2 of those. These glass icicles were made in Cairo and given to us by our missionary friends.

The one above and the next 2 are pictures of our tree... but I'm just having fun with the camera's "red", "green", and "blue" effects.

That one's our tree in the "Sepia" color setting.
And this one's nostalgic black and white.... lovely, isn't it?

That's our tree.... and my little brother Mathias!

A beautiful view of our tree and piano.

This one is also our tree but this time my little brother Luukas is in there! =P

This one's blurry but you can see the LIGHTS!!.... The lights are also new.

This one's just of the tree.

I've always wanted to do that! And Mathias just jumped in and hugged me. He's so sweet.

I hope you like the pictures!Anyway, here's a bonus.

1. Go on the Internet and learn how to wrap the prefect present.
2. Wrap all my presents.
3. Make all my gift tags and cards.
4. Design my own gingerbread house.
5. Go cross-country skiing.
6. Go skating!
7. Practice piano every day for my upcoming recital.
8. Eat all my advent calendar chocolate.
9. Blog AMAP (As Much As Possible)
10. Walk around town once a week, viewing the beautiful display of Christmas Lights!
If I think of anything else I'll add it... And I'll tell you when something gets checked off the list! And if you go to labels and click on "Abbie's Christmas Countdown" you'll find a lot of good Christmas posts from last year!
Until then....
Abbie <=D
Get it? Santa Hat? LOL. ;)

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