January 12, 2010

Big on Blogging

Hey Girlz!! Do you like the new look?

I've got some really awesome ideas this year for my blog. I'm going to give some blog awards and stuff. But here's some news...

Joy Like A Fountain will be starting a Bible study!!!

We're going to look at different books, but we're going to start with Esther. The starting date is next Monday, the 18th of January. If you plan to follow the study, please read Esther chapter 1 before Monday. Thanks!

And now.... for my 2 current favorite songs. Well, I have tons of favorite songs because almost everyone I like is my favorite, but they are The Lost Get Found by Britt Nicole and Free to Be Me by Francesca Battistelli.

And now for... The Tag of the Month!

Drum Roll Please........ Presenting... The Food Tag!!

What's your favorite food? Pizza

What's you favorite desert? Banana Cream Pie

What's your favorite fruit? Raspberries and Watermelon and kiwi

What's your favorite vegetable? Cucumbers, Peas, Raw Beans and Cooked Cauliflower.

What's your least favorite food? Cheese

What's the weirdest thing you've ever ate? I don't know... Carrots dipped in fruit juice?

What was your first food? Baby Cereal

What was your first food dislike? Carrots

What's your favorite kind of juice? Orange Juice

Do you like vegetable juice? Never tasted it... but I'm pretty sure no.

What did you eat for breakfast today/yesterday? Nothing! =S

Lunch? Nothing!! =(

Dinner? Chicken Legs

What is your favorite kind of chips? Plain.

Do you like seafood? I like some fish, but not shrimp or squid or clam.

Do you like Rice? Uh, how about YES!

I tag anyone who like strawberry ice cream!

Love in Christ, Abbie =D x0x

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