January 26, 2010

Esther Bible Study

Hey girlz! Time for the next Bible Study! Sorry for the delay. If you haven't please read Esther Chapter 2 and 3:1-4.

So to start us off, here's a story written by Nancy Rue from the FaithGirlz! Bible. This will get you to understand Esther's position a little better. Try to really imagine yourself into the story. If it helps, mentally replace every "you" with an "I".

It is like a fairy tale coming true, right in your own life. Here you are, ordinary Esther, an orphan even, ready to stand before Xerxes, ruler of 127 provinces. You have been preparing for this moment for a whole year. Six months of luxurious beauty treatments with the oil of myrrh have made your skin as soft and sweet-smelling as a rose petal. And don't forget the six months of learning to dress your hair in cinnamon perfume and highlight your face from a palette and pots of rouge. But it isn't just the cosmetics that make you feel like a princess. Your cousin Mordecai has always told you that you were lovely. And when you arrived at the palace, Hegai, who is in charge of all the girls to be brought to the king, liked you right away. You wait with confidence for your first sight of his Majesty. But as the king's servants push open the doors, you catch your breath. What if he doesn't like you? What if he doesn't see what Hegai has seen in you? He will send you back to the harem with the other girls he has rejected, and you will spend the rest of your life there... As the doors swing open, Hegai whispers, "Are you sure you don't want to bring anything to please the King?" "I have nothing but myself," you whisper back. And this is when you realize it is useless to be afraid. Holding your perfectly perfumed head high, you approach the King. From his throne, he gazes own at you. And he smiles.

Now, you might think getting all those beauty treatments would be close to heaven, but it might be all for nothing if you don't please the King. Spend your life in the palace away from your family until you were old and grey? And being Queen might not be so peachy keen sometimes. But soon enough there was a reason she had been chosen, for her cousin Mordecai heard a plan about 2 guards killing the King and told Esther she must help him. Queen Esther spoke up about the plot and the 2 guards plotting to kill King Xerxes were hanged. The King's life was saved.

Now here's a lesson that goes with Exodus 20:3, "You shall have no other gods before me." Mordecai refused to bow to Haman, although it was the law. Is something in your life going before God? Maybe a favorite singer, a computer or video game, or designer clothing? Never let anything in you life go before God. Video games won't really mean anything or have any value in your life? If you're talented with a sewing needle, you could copy some embroidery on an old pair of jeans. No one might even notice the difference! As for a favorite singer, they can't heal from sickness or give you an answer to prayer. Again I say never let anything in your life go before God.

The next Bible Study will be on Friday, January 29th. Please read Esther Chapter 3: 5-15 and Chapter 4. Thanks!!

Love, Abbie =D x0x


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