April 6, 2010

Cool Craft: Flower Garland

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a good Easter! I know I did.

So how do you like the new look? Comment on what you think.....

I thought I'd post a fun spring craft for you guys! Enjoy!

Flower Garlands

1. Take three round things, each one larger than another (eg. a large plate, a medium plate, a cup). Trace around each of these things on a different colored paper.

2. Glue them all together, one on top of the other.

3. To make petals, cut narrow triangles out of the largest circle without overlapping into the medium circle.

4. Tape a small piece of straw on the back of the flower.

5. String a piece of thread through the piece of straw on the back of the flower.

6. Make multiple flowers and string them onto your garland.

7. Hang it up wherever you'd like!

Hope you liked that!

Love, Abbie =D x0x0x0x0x0x

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  1. Wow, Abbie, I LOVE the new look!:)



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