June 25, 2010

Where Have all my Readers Gone???

(Knocks on screen)

Anybody there??

I've been missing you!


OKay, I have 2 things to post about.

Anyone ever heard of pureNRG? They're on of my favorite bands, composed of Caroline, Carolyne, and Jordan. They're Christians and I love their music. But at the end of the year, they're disbanding! =( They're releasing a best songs collection with 2 new songs on July 20th.

This is one of my favorite songs, The Real Thing, from last year's album.


Does anyone have or has anyone read Everybody Tells Me To Be Myself But I Don't Know Who I Am by Nancy Rue? I got it in April and I really like it. It feels so good to just be the authentic you, you know? If you like to play pretend, then do it and that's awesome. If you love to watch VeggieTales even if none of your friends do anymore, make some popcorn and do it! (I know I would. I love VeggieTales! =)) If you haven't read it, it's a really good book, even if you think you've got the whole "you" thing figured out. Well, that's what I thought. But I learned alot, so read it!! =)

BlOg Ya LaTeR,

Abbie =D x0x0x0x

P.S. How do you like the new look? ;)


  1. I'm here, Abbie!! =D

    btw, I <3 the new look!!

  2. Anonymous27.6.10

    Hi Abbie! Yes I have heard of pureNRG. I actually got to do their merchandise table last year. It was fun. Yes I do like your new look. Well better go.
    Ashley :)

  3. Anonymous29.6.10

    Hey Abbie! I have heard of Everybody Tells me to be Myself, but I don't know who I Am, by Nancy Rue. I have really wanted to read it, because it sounds great! I love your new look.

  4. sarah2.7.10

    I'm actually reading that Nancy Rue book right now! I like it 2!

    B.T.W. I've never been on this blog before, but I LOVE the look! So neat!

    Much love,

    (from Mrs. Nancy Rue's blog)

  5. Anonymous16.7.10

    Wow that's cool Sarah! I'm from Nancy Rue's blog too!

  6. Coll song:0 and get ive read that book:) Pre good ayyyee? lol -- love the new look, and btw, im back into bloggin world again... same address and name -- girlsofhope.blogspot.com :DD

    LIBBY <333

  7. Awesome, Libby! Glad to have you back!

  8. Hey Abbie!! I thought I commented this post ages ago, but I guess not!!! You should come over to my blog and enter my giveaway!!:D


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