August 31, 2010

Crazy Eights! =P

Hey everyone! Tagged by Rachel T.... here it goes!

8 Books I've read recently...
1. Currently reading Lucy Doesn't Wear Pink by Nancy Rue
2. The Secret Book Club by Ann M. Martin
3. Best Friends by Ann M. Martin (you can see where this is going!!)
4. Tis the Season by Ann M. Martin
5. Needle N' Thread by Ann M. Martin
6. Welcome to Camden Falls by Ann M. Martin (okay, done with the Ann M. Martin books!)
7. A Happy Heart by Wanda E. Brunsetter
8. Sarah's New World by Coleen L. Reece

8 Songs I listen to all the time...

1. Beautiful for Me by Nichole Nordeman
2. More Alive by The Josties
3. Your Love is a Song by Switchfoot
4. Hands and Feet by PureNRG
5. Glow by Britt Nicole
6. Needle and Haystack Life by Switchfoot
7. The Motions by Matthew West
8. Whatever You're Doing by Sanctus Real

8 Things I Love...

1. Jesus!
2. Piano
3. Banana Splits
4. Getting Mail
5. Friends
6. Having my hair in 2 Braids
7. Reading
8. My Family (No, this list is not in order of likeness.)

8 Things I've learned in the past year...
1. God has a time for everything.
2. Try to love your brothers.
3. Playing piano is, like, my favorite thing to do.
5. Mom and Dad know best. =P
6. I love being with my friends.
7.Time's fun when you're having flies. JUST KIDDING!!!!! haha. Time flies when you're having fun.
8. Never go to a friend's house when someone in their family is sick.

8 New Recipes I Want to Try...
1. Watermelon Bombe =D
2. Oreo Smoothie
3. Pie of any kind
4. Awesomely decorated cupcakes
I can't think of 8 things!!!!! Ahhh!!!

8 Favorite Online Hangouts...
1. Nancy Rue's Blog
2. Club Penguin
3. My blog
4. Your blogs
5. Etsy
6. PureNRG Online
7. Discovery Girls
8. Clubhouse Magazine

8 Projects I need to work on...
1. Getting ready for school
2. Reorganizing my room
3. Fall Fair Entries
4. Piano Practice
5. Writing a children's book
6. Chores
7. Journaling
8. Taking Pictures

8 People I think should do this...
1. Emily Joy
2. Emii
3. Anna
4. Chelsea
5. Libby
6. Anyone!!!!!

YAWN.... Eights make me tired. Gotta go!

BlOg Ya LaTeR,

Abbie =D x0x0x0x0x


  1. You read Ann M Martin books *gasp* I started reading the Baby-Sitters Club when I was seven years old, I LOVE them! (Actually, I still have them -- like, 130 of them!) ...I don't read them anymore, LOL, but the Main Street books are good:)

    I'm totally going to do this post:D

  2. Oh I love anything with oreos! I should try an oreo smoothie :)

    Loved reading these!

  3. Hey, this is a really interesting thing to do, I might as well do it myself. Though I'm not sure my blog is the proper place to do so....I might give it a try!

    I love getting mail, the further it comes from the better. It's full of wonder at times!


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