August 11, 2010


Well, as my post title states clearly - HHHHEEEEELLLLLLLLOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

I've had a busy, busy summer so far!

Everyone checkout Emii's awesome giveaway for the Forever Friends Journal! Or, you can just go the online store and get a discount on the product if you just want to buy it. How cool is that!! =D

And second, I need your opinion! All of yours, actually!

I'm getting my brother's old bed in my room. It is plain white and made of wood, so my parents said I could paint it. I would like to paint a bible verse on the headboard and would like your suggestions on a good verse. Please, pleas, PLEASE comment your ideas!!

And I'll post a picture of the finished product!!

Love, Abbie =D x0x0x0x0x


  1. That's such a great idea! Why don't you paint on Matthew 11:28 or Jeremiah 29:11? I love both of those verses and I'm sure they'd look great on your headboard! Just a thought.

  2. Hey Abbie!
    How about Psalm 62:8? Or Psalm 4:8? I think they'd both be great verses:)

  3. How about 1 Corinthians 13:13???
    Great idea!!!

  4. Thanks, girls!

    Keep 'em coming everybody!!

    Love, Abbie =D x0x0x

  5. Hey! What about Mark 12:30? Or Psalm 32:8?
    And Chealsea, I just found Jerimiah 29:11 yesterday, when looking for a verse for my friend! =)


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