August 17, 2010

Love what you do.


(Okay, sorry with the exxagerated titles, =P)

So, I have good news and bad news.

BAD NEWS: Plans changed and I didn't get to use a bible verse on my bed!

But, it wasn't a waste because the


is that I got some awesome verses from my friends!

So, today's post is....

Do what you love.

That's easy, right? Hanging with friends. Going on a bike ride. Talking on the phone. Coloring (okay, we all have to admit it's fun to doodle! =P). But you don't really love school. Or chores. Or homework. Or watching little siblings. The list goes on and on.

But what if we switch 2 little words around to make a whole different concept?

Love what you do.

The way to do this is to enjoy the simple, small things in life. When you have to clean the living room, and your little brother jumps in with an excited, "Me, too!", make a game. See who picks up the most. When you're sweeping, and your baby sister grabs the broom and starts "sweeping", laugh and do it with her. These thing can easily be enjoyed. And though we can't all be Little Miss Sunshine 24/7 (we all have bad days!), it can brighten our world and the world of others around us.

Hope you all liked that! If you want, you can comment what you do to make work easier!

You know, I considered calling today's post, "IINNSSPPIIRREEDD!!" (Inspired) because after my blogger break, I feel really inspired on posting!

I might make a new writing blog, and delete the old one. Any suggestions on names?

Okay, I've given you guys alot to think about. Love you!

BlOg Ya LaTeR,

Abbie =D x0x0x0x

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  1. Abbie, this post came at the exact right time. While I was reading about having to do jobs and stuff, mum goes, "Em, your turn to do the dishwasher."

    But thanks to you, I'm not going to grumble and get in a bad mood and stuff lolz:P Thanks Abbie:D


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