September 22, 2010

Have You Noticed A Difference?

The 4 Things different about my blog:
-New background
-New header
-Slightly new name! (From "Joy Like a Fountain" to "I've Got Joy Like A Fountain"
-New description

The reason for the change is that... I like change! (Can you tell? =P) I wanted to change the name but not drastically. But I wanted to reflect the name and title on my love for life and on the moments where I just want to grab my camera and snap away, or the times I want to climb on a mountain, close my eyes, stretch my arms out, a feel the breeze. Then I thought 'I've Got Joy Like A Fountain' would imply on the joy I feel in life. And then the description pretty sums it up. "Celebrating the beauty and splendor of life."

Do any of you have "Prayer at the Pole"? It was today! I homeschool and even when I went to school I never did it, but I thought it would be really awesome, so I made it my own. I went into the bush behind my house, chose a "Prayer Tree" and just - well, prayed. It was amazing - and I'm going to go back tomorrow!

So, as the blinkie says... PLEASE COMMENT!!!!

I would love for you to tell me what you think of the newness, and if you do or have ever done Prayer at the Pole and what you did on that day.


BlOg Ya LaTeR,

Abbie =D x0x0x0x0x


  1. I love the new look!
    I don't think we have "Prayer at the Pole" in Australia -- but I've been reading about it in blogland all day!:)

  2. This. Look. Is. AWESOME!!
    Never heard of "Prayer at the Pole"--but it sounds interesting :)

  3. Anonymous30.9.10

    I like the new look!
    We have see you at the pole in our city but, although I can go, I didn't go. I'm home-schooled too Abbie!

    (from Nancy Rue's blog)

  4. Anonymous4.10.10

    When are you going to post again, Abbie?

    (from Nancy Rue's blog)


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