October 5, 2010

We CAN Make a Difference!

Hey everyone! I have been major busy finishing the first month of school.... sorry I've been out of touch! This month I took a course on how to scrapbook and I am really loving it!!

I have a a bunch of vague post ideas floating around in my head.... but this is the most recent one.

Have you ever watched documentaries about starving children in Africa, or something like that, and though, 'I wish I could make a difference'? Well, stop right there. We can make a difference. Well, Kids can. Or what about this? You have so many ideas, but you never get to them, and whenever it's on your mind, you've got homework and chores and whatever and say, "I'll do it later." The truth is, when is later? When you're grown up? With a job and a family? Don't get me wrong, you can make a difference when you're older. But what about now? We are today's generation, and we can be an influence on the world!

If you don't have time to a huge non-profit organization, here are some small ideas to get you started.

-Grow out your hair for Locks of Love.
-Host a shoebox party to pack Christmas boxes for Operation Christmas Child.
-Send a needy family a Christmas gift that will really help. (Gospel for Asia)
-Sponsor a child! (World Vision, Compassion)

Thanks! I'll try to blog more often!!

Love, Abbie =D x0x0x0x


  1. Love this post! I'm older than you (try out of college=), but I've grown my hair out 3 times for Locks of Love! I've also been involved in some of the other projects mentioned. You're so right, ANYone can make a difference...even through blogging (just be careful it doesn't become an obsession).

    P.S.: This encouraging post is one way you make a difference! =)

  2. Thanks, Bess! :)

    Love, Abbie =D x0x0x


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