November 8, 2010

Abbie's Random Ramblings

Hey, y'all! Happy November (again)!

Sooo, how do you like the new look? It's something, anyway, until Christmas comes!!

Did any of you ever hear of Ten Thousand Villages? I know it's in Canada and the U.S., but I'm not sure of anywhere else. Anyway, it's a really cool non-profit organization that sells handmade, fair trade items to benefit people in different poor parts of the world. Hopefully I will be going this month! You can check out the website here.

Oh, this month is going to be soooo busy....... I'm not used to such a busy lifestyle! I'm having to adjust a little bit. However, this year I've found I can't manage more than 5 posts a month. (!)
Soo,,,,, my new goal for November is.... 8 posts a month. Better, do you think?

BTW, my new school assignment in photography is to take a picture of running water. Cool, eh? Have any of you ever taken a picture of water in motion? How did it turn out? Comment and tell me!

You know, I've been really inspired by quotes lately! Like the quote on the sidebar. Do you like it? Do you know any quotes? Please comment them as well!!

Wow, this post was really long. And really random. And I rambled alot! So, BlOg Ya LaTeR!!

Love, Abbie =D x0x0x0x0x


  1. Anonymous9.11.10

    I think your new background looks nice!

  2. Anonymous11.11.10

    I've never heard of ten thousand villages. Who are they?

    from Nancy Rue's blog


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