November 2, 2010

Hello November, One Day Late

A big warm November welcome to all!

I never liked November, because, I found it was just a pause in time. In Canada, Thanksgiving is in October, so November is genuinely a holiday-less month.

But I've been thinking this year....

and November is glorious.

We have left October and Halloween behind...

and here comes November!

November is the next step to winter.

November is the month where light 'fairy-dustings' of snow cover our tree branches and our porch.

November is the month of candles and hot chocolates.

November is the month where I play piano on a quite evening while the snowflakes outside sparkle under the moonlight.

November is when I speculate about Christmas gifts and snow and cookies and joy.

(Seriously, I'm getting ready for Christmas already. I love Christmas so, so, so, sooo much.)

And I think I need a new November look soon!

November, I just wanted to let you know....

you're getting a warm welcome from our home.


  1. Lucky, you have snow =/ I want snow sooooo badly, but it's just flat-out COLD here.
    I'm just slightly edging into the christmas spirit, but I'll probably get more into it if I listen to some christmas tunes and bake cookies, or something to that effect. :)

  2. You get snow on your doorstep, or at least in your backyard. In Australia, we have to drive to the mountains. They only time I've ever seen snow is when we went to New Zealand when I was like 6! Snow would be so much fun...ooh, I love hot chocolate. Have you tried white hot chocolate's? They're the best!
    Happy Novemember, Abbie!:)


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