December 31, 2010

A Contest Entry

Hey y'all! Here is my entry for Olivia's Art Contest.

A Snow Day

-a poem by Abbie

Look out the window under the moonlight,
Glitter showers through the night.
You can feel the cold that's in the air,
So wonderful you cannot retract your stare.

You wake up; school's cancelled! Look around,
A foot of powdered sugar covers the ground.
Run outside, eat a handful of snow,
You shiver with delight as the wind blows.

Snowmen, snow angels, snow balls too.
Play outside for hours there's so much to do.
With snow caked in your boots, rosy-cheeked and starry-eyed,
Finally you stumble inside.

Sip hot chocolate with marshmallows as you say,
"That was quite a wonderful snow day."

Happy New Year's Eve! I'll post tomorrow!



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