December 8, 2010

New Design!

Happy 8th of December!!

Soo.. do you like it? Thanks to Picnik, I made my very first custom Banner! What do you think? Love it? I know I do! And my background is just from good ol' Cutest Blog On The Block.

I know I already asked y'all what your favorite Christmas song is, but I never told you what mine is! My 2 favorites are O Holy Night and Have Yourslef a Merry Little Christmas.

Hey, have you guys ever made Cinnamon Ornaments? I wanted to make some with my little brothers, but I don't have a good recipe. Does anyone have one that is tried-and-true? It would be greatly appreciated!

Do you do Advent? I usually like to do some form of Advent. This year I am doing a Jesse Tree with Nancy Rue's blog.

So, see you with the next installemtn of Abbie's Christmas Countdown!


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